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Code of Conduct & Safety Advice

Behaviour to be observed by all for the safety and enjoyment of everybody

Code of conduct


Please treat athletes, coaches, volunteers, parents and visitors with the same respect and fairness that you wish to receive.


Uphold the same values off the field as you do when engaged in athletics.


Anticipate your own needs; be organised and on time.


Thank those who help you in athletics.


Inform your coach of any other coaching you are receiving.


Show patience with and respect diversity in others.


Act with dignity at all times.


Notify a responsible adult if you have to go somewhere including why, where and when you will return.


Not respond if someone seeks private information unrelated to athletics.


Use safe transport or travel arrangements.


Avoid destructive behaviour and leave athletics venues as you find them.


Never engage in illegal or irresponsible behaviour.


Challenge anyone whose behaviour falls below the expected standards.


Speak out immediately if anything makes you concerned or uncomfortable.


Safety Advice


Athletics is a safe sport to take part in, but we would ask you to take note of some basic precautions to enhance the safety of yourself and others in the stadium:


Listen to the advice and instruction given by your qualified coach.


Warm up and exercise before your event.


Tell your coach if you have any dizziness, difficulty in breathing, pain, injury, or if you are tired from other sports.


Take care when stepping onto the running track or jumping runways.


Never go onto the inside of the track except to take part in field events or to walk alongside the track.


Approach throwing areas from the back of the circle. Throw only from the circle and only when an official is present.


Retrieve implements from the sector only when instructed by the official.


Satisfy yourself that running surfaces, pits, throwing areas, etc are safe before taking part. Inform an official if you see an unsafe situation.


Do not attempt events without having proper instruction.


Your coach will give you further specific safety advice as part of normal training sessions.


You can also read more detailed advice in The Handbook, various leaflets and coaching books.

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