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Eastern Young Athletes League R1

The first round of the Eastern Young Athletes League (EYAL) takes place in Peterborough on Sunday 14th April 2019.

Those athletes that have competed in the league over the past couple of seasons will know that we compete alongside our friends from West Norfolk, Ryston, Dereham and Thetford in the composite “Team Norfolk” team.

In the EYAL we compete in yellow and royal blue vests which we will continue to loan to athletes at no cost.

If you would like to compete in this league, which caters for the U13/U15 and U17 age groups only, please speak with team managers Andrew Willeard, Tracy Mayne or Craig Bean.

*IMPORTANT - Please note that the EYAL fixtures are provided in addition to the East Anglian League (EAL) fixtures. The EAL is our core competition and should be prioritised over the EYAL. Please do not compete in the EYAL instead of the EAL, only in addition too. Thank you*


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