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GYDAC Athlete Rankings

Take a look at our club rankings to give you a target for the season ahead

The document below is a list of GYDAC rankings by performance (on the left) and by athlete (on the right) for each event in the girls and womens age groups (excluding U11's). A combined girls / women GYDAC ranking for all age groups is also provided. Please note, only outdoor performances have been included.

Where an athlete has produced the same performance more than once, only the first performance has been provided to avoid the list becoming too long.

Wind assisted performances above the legal limit have not been included.

Performances by athletes in an older age group competition have not been included in the ranking for the older age group.

All performances are based on results shown on Power of 10 or recorded on the GYDAC website, where the club record pre-dates Power of 10.


Performances shown in red is the age group GYDAC club record.


Girls / Women GYDAC Rankings

Boys / Men GYDAC Rankings

Girls / Boys GYDAC Quadkids Rankings

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