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31 medals and 4 club records for Team GYDAC!

31 medals and 4 club records for Team GYDAC athletes following the Norfolk County Track and Field Championships this past weekend! Take a look at our medallists here:


QuadKids – 2nd Mia Squires, 3rd Amy Fielding

U13G 70mH – 1st Gracie Dean 100m – 3rd Isabelle Rushmere 200m – 2nd Isabelle Rushmere Discus – 3rd Lilymae Coote Javelin – 1st Lilymae Coote High Jump – 2nd Lilymae Coote Shot – 3rd Lilymae Coote

U15B 800m – 3rd Aaron Roberts 1500m – 1st Aaron Roberts

U15G Javelin – 3rd Hollie Willeard Triple Jump – 1st Hollie Willeard

U17B 800m – 2nd Daniel Harrison

U17G 80mH – 3rd Beth Greenwood 300mH – 2nd Beth Greenwood, 3rd Isabel Matthews-Clark 100m – 2nd Sophie Rushmere 200m – 2nd Sophie Rushmere 300m – 2nd Sophie Rushmere Hammer – 1st Isabel Matthews-Clark Long Jump – 1st Carla Richardson-Rowe – distance of 5.18m equals her club record Triple Jump – 2nd Ellis Stewart – distance of 10.04m beats her own club record set 2 weeks a go at EYAL!

U20M 100m – 3rd John Jennings 400m – 3rd Tyler Bilyard 800m – 1st Tyler Bilyard – time of 1:58.0 is a new club record 2000mSC – 1st Tyler Bilyard- time of 6:38.3 is a new club record

U20W 100m – 1st Erin Penn

SW Shot - 1st Sophie McKinna 18.23m - NEW club record UK number 1!

W45 100m – 1st Lisa WilleardDiscus – 1st Lisa Willeard

Thanks to Andrew Willeard for compiling the list


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